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Scones, a very simple quick bread.

Options:   Fruit Scones,  Cinnamon Honey Scones, Bacon Cheddar Chives Scones, Mix Flavours

Weight: 70g each

In addition to the traditional fruit scones, you will be surprised by our most

popular savory scone Bacon Cheddar Chives Scones. Don’t think of these

only as a breakfast or afternoon tea treat, they are also terrific for dinner.

They can be baked straight away from the freezer

Baking temperature: 210°C 

Baking time:  15 ~ 18 minutes until golden brown on top


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Fruit Scones, Cinnamon Honey Scones, MIx

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15 pieces $1.60 each, 30 pieces $1.40 each, 60 pieces $1.20 each


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