Classic French Croissants (Plain)


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The bland croissants made at many commercial bakeries can contain as little as 15 to 25 percent butter or even cheaper ingredients, like margarine to replace butter which makes them profitable but hardly inspiring.
The classic French croissant we made at Exquise Patisserie by using traditional recipes containing 55 percent butter by weight. We make these flaky French croissants in the honest, artisanal manner using traditional French techniques.

Baking instruction:

The ideal temperature for proving is 24°C. A bit cooler or warmer is all right, as long as the temperature is not warm enough to melt the layers of butter in the croissants.

Proving time: 12~ 13 hours depending on the room temperature.

Oven temperature: 210°c

Baking time: 15 ~ 18 minutes

  1. Place the frozen croissants on the baking paper and leave some space between them. After 12 ~ 13 hours under room temperature, the croissants should at least double in size and look noticeably puffy.
  2. Baking temperature: 210°c for 12 minutes and quickly open the oven door for 5 seconds to let the steam out. Continue to bake for further2 ~3 minutes until the croissants are deep golden brown on the top and bottom, crisp on the outside and feel light when they are picked up, indicating that the interior is baked through.
  3. They are best if eaten while they are still slightly warm.
  4. The leftover plain croissants can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days for making Ham and Cheese Croissants. Always easier to slice the croissant when it’s totally cool down.
  5. Ham and cheese croissants option:  Slice the croissants and fill with ham and cheese, warm them either in the hot oven (3~4 minutes) or microwave (3 minutes). Delicious!

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